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 Feedback from Exhibitors
President of Shenzhen Reaps International Health Productions Co., Ltd-Cui Mingqiang
The characteristic of our product is that we import originally from the USA. A dedicated R & D team created the special formula according to the Chinese people. HCI offers us a platform to meet new customers and also maintain our old customers. Our brand has been promoted in the market. I think HCI 2016 is a successful show and we are looking forward to the next edition.
President of China Edible Bird’s Nest Industry Association – Zhang Xiwen
The association hopes to popularize the knowledge of edible bird’s nest, to standardize and develop the bird’s nest market with the help of HCI. The show has provided a good communication platform for the industry. I hope we can promote the industry development together with other enterprises. 
Business Manager of Guangzhou Baiyun Mountain Han Fang Modern Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd- Zhang Jiasheng
We want to push our high-end brand in this exhibition- Ganoderma lucidum spores oil, which is extracted from Ganoderma lucidum spore powder spores, can effectively enhance the body immunity. Is is our second time to participate in HCI, which is our most important project in the year. The exhibition is successful. Professional buyers have a great help to the enterprise. We hope that the organizer can continue to provide good services for exhibitors.
Representative of Korean Pavilion – Manager of BKBIO CO., LTD
We have gained a lot from HCI. The show has offered a chance for us to know the market. We have met many buyers on the show, which can help us to enhance the Chinese market. We are looking forward to the next edition of HCI.
Feedback from Visitors
Zhuhai pharmaceutical circulation industry association 
Su Weikun Executive president
HCI gathered many health care food companies and brands in the world. It has built a good business exchange platform; in particular, it makes good use of the industry association and helps enterprises to find more business butting. Health care industry is the future trend and is supported by the country’s strategies. As HCI develops, I believe it will be better and better, bless Zhenwei!
Shenzhen DASHENLIN Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd.
Chen Xiaoyang- Area General Manager
The size of the show is good, professional and good-service. It is of great help for us to participate in the pharmacy procurement conference and forum. This is a very good industry docking platform, gathering the upstream and downstream enterprises and strengthening industry exchange. I believe it can promote the health industry development effectively.
Guangzhou 360kad Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd
Fang Tong – Project director
The main purpose of visiting HCI is to know better the market and the industry of Health Care Food and FSMP, and support the purchasing department. FSMP is a new and promising market, and we have continued to keep up with the industry. We have seen many FSMP exhibitors this year, and look forward to seeing more next year.