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  • Exhibits Profile
  • Health Care Food: health food and raw material, fortified food, tonic, enzymes, dendrobe, probiotics, beauty slimming products, foods for special medical purpose, functional beverage, nutrition recipe and etc.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Products: moxibustion, health preserving instruments, body care products, TCM fumigation products and etc.
  • Eye Care: massage device for eyes, eye health food, eye drops, eye pad and etc.
  • Hydrogen-related Product: hydrogen drinking products, hydrogen-water beauty products, hydrogen-water fabrication facilities & packaging and etc.
  • Smart Health-Care: digital medical equipment, medical wearables, telemedicine, medical robot, precision medical products, digital health products and etc.
  • Health Monitoring: Health physical examination instrument, health examination institutions, gene detection, institution for the aged.
  • Household Product: household testing instrument, household therapeutic apparatus, healthy house product and etc.
  • Food & Beverage: product with natural ingredients, healthy snack, nutritious food and spices, nutritious ingredients, health wine.