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 Exhibition Fee


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Shell Scheme

USD 3,600


Raw Space

USD 360/

Min. 36m2


The sketch of shell scheme is as shown in the left, including one carpet, one information desk, one glass table and four chairs, two spot lights (60W), one socket (500W), one waste bin.


«  {C}{C}Exhibition Catalogue  size: 210mm(w) * 285mm(h)

Front Cover

Back Cover

Inside Front Cover

Inside Back Cover

Head Page

Colored Inside Page

USD 4,500

USD 3,050

USD 1,830

USD 1,520

USD 1,220

USD 760

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Hand Bag(Exclusive)

Visitor Badges(Exclusive)

USD 7,500

USD 2,250

«  {C}{C}Technical Seminar of Forum

One-hour forums, seminars or product promotion will be held concurrently with HRP 2018. The technical seminar or forum costs USD 1,200 per hour in conference room for 60 to 80 persons.